Welcome to the ProPIC @Newcastle Blog!

Welcome to the ProPIC @Newcastle blog! This blog is intended to chart the experience of the teacher educators and the students involved in the ProPIC research project, for which Newcastle University’s School of Education, Communication, and Language Sciences is one of 5 international partners (alongside the University of Barcelona, University of Borås (Sweden), the University of Kiel (Germany), and the University of Education Karlsruhe (Germany).


The ProPIC project is working with foreign language teachers, supporting them in the use of mobile technologies and promoting transnational collaboration. Students taking part in the project have the opportunity to take online learning modules, complete an ePortfolio, and complete a study week abroad at one of the five partner universities.

We are now in the second year of the project. So far, the research staff working on the project have met in Karlsruhe and Newcastle in addition to their regular online meetings, and students from all 5 universities have completed study weeks abroad. Students have also been working on their own research projects reflecting on their teaching and the subject matter covered during the ProPIC course. Here’s our international students during the Newcastle study week in September – notice the Newcastle University jumpers and hoodies too!


We’ll be writing about the experiences of our research staff, Newcastle students taking part in the project, and the international students who come to visit us in Newcastle throughout the project. So please continue to visit this blog to find out more about the ProPIC project in Newcastle!

Further information on the ProPIC project can also be found via the main website (www.propiceuropa.com), Facebook (@propiceuropa), and Twitter (@proPIC_Europa).


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