One Year On…

We are already one year into the ProPIC project! So what have we been up to so far?

All five partners attended an initial kick-off meeting in Karlsruhe, where we agreed on a schedule for the project and divided up responsibilities between the partners. The first few months allowed us time to set up regular communication channels, work on the online modules, and set up the study week for our home students, and for the students who would travel from Newcastle to our partner universities.


In June, we hosted our partners here in Newcastle. It was a great opportunity to show them our wonderful city and to collaborate further on the work we had all been doing on the website, online modules, and study week.


During the first study week in September, we hosted students from Karlsruhe and Kiel, while our Newcastle students visited our partners in Barcelona and Karlsruhe. We had a variety of sessions, including talks from academics at the University and VEO demonstrations, as well as social events. The feedback we have received has been positive, and we are now already planning our second study week in May.

We are excited about what comes next. Our students are currently working on their research projects, which have been incorporated into their studies so that they form part of their degree. Next year, we will also be hosting researchers from our partner universities in Barcelona, Kiel, and Karlsruhe as they too complete exchanges, and our next partner meeting takes place in February in Borås!

Keep an eye on this blog and social media platforms for further updates!


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